Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going grocery shopping?!

Now that I have worked at Target for 6 months I think I am qualified to write a blog about grocery shopping. Being a cashier for 6 months has made me somewhat a professional in the area. I am going to give some tips on how to unload your groceries onto the belt.

Let's start with those baskets that are offered for people to carry instead of pushing a cart. When you bring one of those baskets into the lane don't drop it on the belt. This can cause the cashier to become startled. Second, unload the basket. This makes for a much easier and quicker check out.

Now lets move on to cart shopping. When unloading your cart, please don't throw your items onto the belt. Again, it makes the cashier feel as if you are throwing it at them.

I am going to write in what order to place your items on the belt:

1) sodas, milk, juice, water, cat liter, big dog food other words things that are big and heavy
2) cleaning supplies and other household items...detergent, cleaners, soaps...again those heavy and non food items
3) canned items
4) boxed items
5) frozen food and refrigerated items
6) fruit and veggies
7) eggs
8) bread
9) clothing
10) toilet paper and paper towels

The main thing is to keep like items together. Cans with cans...cold stuff with cold stuff...boxed food with boxed food...non-food items with non-food items. Your food is more likely to get home without getting squished if you keep things that are alike together.

Take all the clothing off of the hangers while you are waiting in line. This saves SO MUCH TIME!!

One last hint...have all of your coupons, gift cards and the way you are going to pay out and ready before the cashier finishes ringing you up. Have your checkbook out and fill in everything but the amount before the cashier is finished.

Those are my tips for grocery shopping. Again, don't throw stuff onto the startles the cashier. One day last week I was hit with some Cool-Aid packets flying through the air.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Blessed and We are Busy

I am such a blessed mother. I have 4 great kids. Not that they don't ever frustrate me or make me upset. They aren't perfect, BUT they are great!

English is out on her own and makes me very proud. My heart hurts for her right now. Her boyfriend is in Iraq, and she misses him a lot. I haven't ever experienced this with her before...having a boyfriend that she loves so much. Makes me sad that she is so far away and I can't hug her and try to make her feel better. She is hanging in there and will be hosting Ronnie and Veronica next week during Spring Break. Maybe they can take her mind off of things for a few days.

Veronica also makes me very proud. She will be getting baptized here in a few weeks. She was baptized when she was 8, but says that she did it just because some other friends and family members were being baptized. I think it is pretty neat that she wants to go before our big church and be baptized as a sign of her faith. This time there isn't any urging from friends and family. :)

Hunter also makes me very proud. He will also be getting baptized in a few weeks. He was also able to share the message of salvation during a youth group night. I wasn't there, but people told me he did a good job. This coming weekend he will be playing worship in the main sanctuary with the rest of the youth group worship team.

Cole...also makes me very proud. Heis doing so good in Awana memorizing his scriptures. He has also finally found some great friends that he has been able to hang out with. As much of a stinker Cole can be he can also be equally as sweet. Sometimes all he wants to do is hang out on the couch reading a book while one of us sits nearby. He will reach out and touch our hand just to make sure that we are still there.

Now I will share with you the business our family is getting ready to enter into.

March 27-April 5 - Spring break for all three kids
March 31st-April 6- Ronnie and Veronica will be in Northern California visiting English
April 1-5 - Ebby has off of work from BOTH jobs!! Whoo-hooo
June 15-22 - Hunter will be on his Mission Trip to Cleveland
June's third week - Ronnie will be in Southern California and possibly Ebby, too
July 8-22 - Ronnie will be on his Mission Trip to Cambodia (2 weeks)
July 8-22 - Hunter and Cole will be in North Myrtle Beach, SC (2 weeks)
July 8-28 - Veronica will be in North Myrtle Beach, SC (3 weeks)
July 8 -22 - Ebby will be by herself in Rochester, MN (2 weeks alone. How will I manage?)

That is a lot of traveling! Thankfully we have been very blessed with airline tickets for all of these trips...with the exception of Hunter's mission trip. He is doing fundraising for that one. I am excited that each of the kids get to take a vacation this year.

We also have a visitor at our house...Flat Jeremiah. He is a friend of Flat Stanley. He is from Southern California. I will post some pictures soon of Flat Jeremiah's adventures with the Ray Family.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

I was standing in our dining room a couple of Sundays ago looking out our sliding glass window. It was snowing and I love to watch the snow fall. As I was standing there 11 deer came into our backyard. I had to get some pictures. I am standing in my house taking these pictures. They aren't very good due to the falling snow and how grey it is outside.. I love where our house is. Right in the middle of town and we have all of these deer in our back yard. Makes me so happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Holy CR*P!!" by RR

Many people saw this performance on American Idol on Tuesday night and said, "what was that?" or "that was wierd..."

I watched this performance on AI and said, "Holy CR*P!! That was incredible!!" First off, it is a great song. Secondly, the arrangement of the song is creative and hauntingly cool. Thirdly, the performance...the performance... was astounding. Is it just me, or is this guy in a class of talent, performance and showmanship far beyond any of the other performers. I like the others, but none of them have the "thing" that Adam Lambert has. He has a style all his own. He has an INCREDIBLE voice, tone, and range. I even appreciate the drama he brings to the art of performing.

Last weeks Michael Jackson week performance by A.L. was really good. Then this week...forget it. It was one of the top 5 performances that has ever been on A.I.

How about you? What did you think?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joining the 21st century

I go through phases where I don't like modern technology, and I drag my family along with me. Just his morning I was thinking that I would turn my cell phone off. My thoughts were:

1) What would I have done if my car broke down prior to cell phones? What would I do if I didn't get reception on my cell phone and my car broke down? Walk to find assistance!
2)What if I had a though while I was driving home from work and wanted to call someone and tell them something? Wait until I get home and use *gasp* the land line.

Another thing I successfully got rid of was our microwave. I know, I do I do without a microwave? We do the same thing we did before microwave was affordable for every home. We use the stove top.

The other day I was looking through Craigslist and came across a used microwave at a pretty good price. I sent the link to Ronnie. He made her an offer, she countered, and SOLD! it is ours.

Yes, it was my idea to get another microwave. It will be much easier for the kids (and myself) to reheat leftovers. We are also a big popcorn family. I got a airpopper for Christmas, but it isn't as easy to use as I thought it would be. If you aren't careful you will get burned by the kernels that are flying all over the kitchen, and I do mean flying all over the kitchen. Doesn't feel very good when you do actually get hit.

We are now joining the 21st Century. I still have my cell phone and we are getting a microwave.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Dou you know what USGA stands for? United States Golf Association!

On Wednesday the USGA gave their stamp of approval for the Double Duty Divot Repair Putter below. Now this is just a rough proto-type. When the club comes off of the assembly line it will be sleek and sophisticated.

This is a divot repair putter. It is geared towards golfers that may have a bad back, may be elderly, or simply lazy :) You won't have to bend over to repair those divots anymore. Simply use the tool that is part of the head of the club and ... viola... your divots are repaired.

Last year this golf club design was granted a U.S. Patten while we were living in North Myrtle Beach, SC. It was then taken to the USGA for their seal of approval. This process took a little bit of time, but I am happy to say that they are now in the talks to having it manufactured.

The owner of this patten is my very own step-dad, Walt, or Walt-wee and Walter-wee-winski to those that love him the most. We are so very proud of him. He has really worked hard on this project as well as worked the phone lines to get it to the place it is now. How fun it is to think that his golf club could be on shelves with people buying it and using it on golf courses.

Congratulations, Walt-wee. We love you and are excited for you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Weekend

I had such a great weekend. Even though I had to work both Saturday and Sunday at Target it felt like it was a relaxing two days. I also have some good news. I may be able to stop working at Target at the beginning of May. Depending on what is going on at that time I may keep two shifts per week (if they will let me) so that we can keep our discount. I am so excited!! I will be able to enjoy the weekends with the family as well as the summer. Ahhhhhhh!

Our weekend started out with dinner with our friends Pete and Becky and their 4 girls on Friday night. Hunter wasn't able to join us, but we still had a great time. We sat and laughed, told stories, listened to how Pete gets his students to quit cussing, and watched the kids play.
The next great thing about the weekend was on Sunday morning. I love looking out our sliding glass windows into the woods behind our house. Sunday morning I saw 11 deer standing back there. I took some pictures, but haven't downloaded them yet. I was able to watch them graze and also see squirrels running around. There have been a couple of woodpeckers in the tree directly behind our house before so I hope that they come back. I thought that spring was here, but then it snowed Sunday morning and put that little thought out of my mind.
Here are some pictures from Friday night. That you for having us over. We always have a great time!!!!

Ebby and Becky

Veronica and Becky...don't they look like they could be sisters?Isn't this sweet?!
Do we even want to know what they are doing?
This picture makes me smile. What dorks we have in our family.
Beautiful! Pete thought that Veronica was taking a video so he got close to the camera. When the flash went off he was a little startled. I wish she had gotten a picture of his face then.
And yet they keep inviting us back.
I love this picture of Ronnie and I that Veronica took.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I have such an addictive personality. I will eat the same thing for months and then all of a sudden I don't want it anymore. Take Raisin Bran...I have eaten it every morning for over a year now. I went without it for a couple of days and no I don't really care if I eat it again.

Here is another example: I wrote on this blog all the time. Sometimes everyday and sometimes once or twice a week. Now, I don't really care about writing on here. I will continue to write on here due to there being too many people that live away from us that read this to NOT write something every once in a while. (Did that sentence make sense?)
There you go...I have an addictive personality. Good thing I never got into heroine or cocaine. As addictive as my personality is I would probably be dead.
Anyway, I snagged these photos from someone's facebook page. I think it was from Josh H.'s page, but I am not sure who took the pictures. If you by any chance know, please let me know so that I can give them credit.
Here is Hunter playing drums with the youth group worship team, Last In Line. When I see him play or see pictures of him playing it makes me smile. He is so much like his father, which is a good thing. You always hear of drummer having drumming faces. Ronnie doesn't really have least not that I have seen. Hunter on the other hand does. He pokes his bottom lip out. In the last picture I can see that he is doing it.
I really like the middle and last picture. They are so artistic.