Monday, March 8, 2010

My love of buttons

I really like buttons. A LOT! I don't know why. A few years ago I just started gravitating towards them whenever I would see them in stores.

Saturday my friend, Heidi, and I were out shopping at a local fabric shop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a stand with buttons. As I got closer I started noticing these huge round buttons. So many colors to choose from. We finally decided to choose the big green one. I knew I had some tan burlap at home and some twine.

Our next stop was a craft store where I saw some pretty green colored burlap. Oh my goodness. It was all really coming together.

I already had the big black button and had carried it around with us on Saturday. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. I kept thinking about the buttons/candles/burlap/twine that I had and couldn't wait any longer to put these together.

Voila...two candles. The black button one has a sparkly base to the candle that I added. The green button is a plain candle.

If you would like one, please let me know...I will then let you know how much they cost. These candles in the picture are 6". I can also make 9" or 12" candles. Also, what color scheme you would like for the button to be in? My two friends and I will be making some more candles that are a little different in the future as well as a couple of other things.