Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Back?

It has been such a long time since I have visited our blog. Many things have been going on. Health issues, kids, husband, work, college, etc. All of those have taken the front seat to the blog.

Recently I got Veronica to take pictures of Hunter, Cole, Ronnie and I for a project I was working on for one of my classes. She did such a good job. The top one and bottom one were taken the same day. The one of Ronni was taken at some other point, but I put it on there just because I really really like it.

For my project I did a powerpoint slide show on our family. The kids and I laughed at it each time I showed it. Part of the laughter came from the video Ronnie and the boys made for me for my project. I wanted to have a video on it to show exactly how goofy we all are.

Well here are a couple of the pictures. I tried to upload the video, but I gave up.

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd Annual Christmas Shopping Open House

Cambodia tugs at Marti's heartstrings for many reasons. It breaks her heart to know the number of girls who spend their days and nights in brothels. Many are there because their parents are so desparate for money, they will sell their daughters to support their family. This past summer Marti was once again in Cambodia, and met some lovely young girls at the English Camp. Most of the girls in her group were working for their family...instead of finishing high school. Since coming home, Marti learned that the girls want to return and finish their high school requirements. Uneducated Cambodian girls often end up in brothels. Marti can't even inagine one of those girls beaten and abused.

Marti wants to raise enough money to send these 8 girls to school. And here is where you come in...

This year Marti has joined with a group of like minded women who share her burden for sex trafficking. They have agreed to have sales profits go toward educating her friends in Cambodia. Every item you purchase will go toward raising the money needed.

Join Marti for the 2nd Annual Christmas Shipping Open House

Marti's home
4051 7th Place NW
Rochester, MN 55901 US
When:Sunday, November 14, 1:00-4:00PM

Please join us for a fun afternoon of buying and selling. Bring your gold and get paid for it. You can shop for lots of Christmas gifts while supporting girls in Cambodia at the same time. The buyers and sellers will be...
* Cindy will be ready to buy your gold. She gives checks on the spot.
*Maureen will be selling a bazillion pieces of hand-crafted jewelry.
*Cortnay will be selling felted-wool fleece-lined mittens.
*Kara will sell tons of Arbonne gifts, plus she will take reorders.
*Gift baskets sure to please lots of folks on your list.
Profits from your buying/selling will go to Cambodia to get those girls back in school!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Conversations with my daughter

My daughter, English, called me tonight to see how my doctor appointment went today. We chatted a little bit and then her husband, Timmy, pipped up in the background asking if she had told me a story. I thought I would share the really made me laugh.

English and Tim were hanging out talking one night

English: Tim, quit farting!
Tim: No.
English: Quit's gross.
Tim: No. I can't. If I quit farting then all the gas will rise up to my head, and that's where all the crappy ideas come from.

English has found the most perfect husband for her. Here is a conversation I had with English yesterday (just to prove my point of them being perfect for one another)

Me: I have a neurology appointment tomorrw.
English: Awwww, Mom. Is your neurology not working?

I love these two. Thank you both for making me laugh until my sides hurt.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is my friend, Chinwe. She is one heck of an awsome young lady. Not only is she an amazing Christian woman....she gives awsome hugs! Every time I see her she gives me a hug. It always makes me smile.

Anyway...this is a shout out to Chinwe. Thank you for just being you!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Baby Stroller

I took the boys to the library today. I have promised Ronnie that I wouldn't buy any more books. I will use the FREE library. The boys love it. This morning I just dropped them off for a few minutes and ran an errand down the street. Since we went last weekend I didn't need any new books (I borrowed 4 last Saturday and haven't finished them all yet).

As I was on my way back to pick up the boys I had to stop at a stop sign. I had to wait a minute for a lady pushing a stroller to cross the street. I wasn't paying attention until she was right in front of me. I looked down at the stroller and sitting in the seat was not a cute little baby. It was a 24 pack of Bud Light.

The south does not have ownership on rednecks. Minnesota has them, too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Being a Hermit

I hate when I do this. It happens every couple of years. After a while I start to wonder what the Lord has in store for me. It can't be time to move again. I am doing great at work. Ronnie is doing great at work. I just started school (although I could do that from anywhere since all my classes are on line). The boys are participating in things in school that they love. No it can't be moving.

Could it be some other change? I don't think so. Other than wanting to throw all of our un-necessary things away I can't think of any other change that would be getting ready to happen.

Could it be that I am just a weird-o. That could be it. I am weird. A friend of mine talks about how he could live in the middle of Montana with the nearest "neighbor" being miles and miles away and being very happy. I think I could do that, too.

Could it be that I am getting ready for winter? Winter is a "cold" time of year. Not just in temp, but you don't go and do that much because of the weather. You stay indoors most of the time. You don't visit with friends as much during the winter. The weather dictates pretty much all that you do.

Could it be that I am using school as an excuse? I am doing very well in school. I am making a 96% and 95% in the two classes I am taking right now. I will add another class on October 25th. If taking 3 classes goes fine this semester then I will add one more class next semester. BUT, am I using school as an excuse to not be around people? To stay at home as much as possible?

I think that I am a hermit. I am not short, hairy, or mean...nor do I live under a bridge. I am finding that I am being hermit like. Alone a lot of the time. Declining invitations from friends. Trying to not have to go anywhere.

So Lord...what do you have in store for me? What is on the horizon for me? What are you preparing me for?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tonight is homecoming for two of our cities highschools. John Marshall is where Hunter goes to school and is in 10th grade. The other school, Century, is where Veronica graduated from last year. Hunter was asked to go to Centurys homecoming dance by a friend of his, Nellie (who is an amazing young lady). Hunter and Nellie are great friends and I knew that they would have a good time together.

The other day Hunter and I were talking about tonights plans. Who would drive them, who would pick them up, where were they eating dinner, who was in their group, etc. Standard questions from mother to son. As we were talking Hunter asked me to stay at the resturant during dinner. Of course I said yes. This afternoon I told him that I would go and just get a seat at another table. Hunter told me that I could just sit with all of them. (Really?) I was a little speechless.

Hunter's date was a little late this evening. She had a volleyball tournament to attend, and didn't get home until late. She met us at the resturant. I am so glad that she did. When she finally arrived I was sitting at my table and could watch them. Hunter is such a sweet guy. He gave her a big hug, and then got her flower out to put on her wrist ( I didn't have to remind him). He was patient as she was trying to put his corsage on him. He waited and waited all the while just chating and laughing with her.

Nellie's mom had come in to the resutrant with her so that she could get a couple of pictures. I went over to say hi, and let her know that I was going to be doing the driving tonight and talk about what the kids were going to be doing. I asked Hunter if he had already ordered, and he looked at me as if I had offended him. He said, "No, I had to wait until she got here, but I know what we are ordering." It was funny.

After the corsage was on, Hunter asked her if she wanted to sit down. He pulled her chair out for her and made sure she was all settled before he sat down. What a gentleman. I was a little shocked for a second. Ronnie doesn't do that for me so who taught him this?

I went and sat back down at my table after saying good bye to Nellie's mom and started thinking. This is a boy who will hug his mom no matter where we are. He will wrap his arms around my neck and squeeze me tight. He will say out loud..and it doesn't matter who is around...that he loves me. At the end of every conversation he will tell me that he loves me. With a bunch of kids outside the school tonight he got me to roll down my window and told me he loved me very loudly. He opens the door for me when we are going into a building.

Why was I in shock that he would pull out a chair for his friend? He treats me with so much love...why would I think that he wouldn't be that way with others?

I was very proud of my boy tonight. Very proud of the young man that he is. Very proud of the man that he will be someday. Also, wondering who the young lady will be that will capture his heart one day, and how fortunate she will be to have my son as a husband.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stuff pouring out of my head

My head is full of stuff. I am going to let it all out.

Ronnie and I are going through Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. Right now I want to beat Dave Ramsey, but thankfully Ronnie is managing most of it so all is well.

I had an MRI of my head last week...and they found stuff in there. AMAZING!

School is going good. I have around a 95% in both classes.

I haven't had a soda in 9 days. I really want a soda right now.

A tree fell on our house this week. No damage, but we are waiting for the other three to fall on the house, too.

All the surrounding areas are flooded. People were being evacuated, sand bagging going on, roads under water, and bridges collapsing. Thankfully it didn't really rain yesterday, but they are calling for more rain this weekend.

English called the other day and asked me my thoughts on grand children. Could I be a grandma in the near future? What would I have my grandkids call me? I have to think on that one.

Ronnie has been working a lot this week. I didn't physically talk to him from 6:30 am on Thursday to 10:30 am on Friday. That is weird.

I got to work in Chatfield on Friday. What a great group of people at the Olmsted Medical Center office down there.

I want to go out and do something today....but I can't think of anything that I actually want to go out and do.

I think we are having a yard sale next weekend. I am once again in that "i want to be a minimalist" stage again.

I am in that "I want to move to a different house" stage, too. why in the world do I always want to move?

I have a bunch of homework to do today...and a quiz...and I really don't want to do it......remember, I want to go out and do something today.

Should I go to the farmers market before Ronnie gets up and buy some more goat milk soap. He wouldn't be mad would he? Dave Ramsey wouldn't be mad would he? Fine! I won't go buy goat milk soap.

Ronnie and I want to take a cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary next year. How in the world do you decide which cruise line to take?

Hunter and Cole have colds. Poor boys.

I can't believe that October is just a week away.

Fall is here in Rochester and I LOVE it!

I want to go to the cities to the Container Store.

I need some wool sweaters to felt, but don't want to spend the money. Do felt sweaters grow on trees anywhere? Didn't think so.

It is 8:20 am and I am already thinking about a nap. There is something wrong with that.

Well there you go. Some ramblings of my head. Stuff just pouring out as I think of them.

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Photos

I think that if you have been to our blog before you know that our family loves taking pictures. Well some of us do. Veronica, Ronnie and i like taking pics, but I hate having them taken of me. I come very close to running if a camera is pointing in my direction.

One day Veronica was looking at a site on line and laughing. Of course, being the nosey mother that I am, I had to see what was making her laugh so hard.

She was at

Now our family doesn't always take the greatest family photos. I think Veronica uploaded one onto her facebook page. Oh my gosh! It was horrible. Ronnie and I had the same haircut. Not pretty at all.

Well go check out the family photos. Some of them may make you think that your's aren't so bad.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am a student again. 24 years after graduating high school I thought that I should go to college. What in the world was I thinking? Actually, everything is going pretty smoothly. So I didn't pass a what?! I have gotten 100% on everything else. Actually I have gotten 100% on all my class work in both of my classes so that should help out that first test. Ronnie loves the fact that I am a Student of Health Information Technology. Get it? Well he thinks it is funny.

Not only am I in school, but the boys will be going back next Tuesday. I can't beleive how fast this summer has gone by. It seemed like summer was in a big hurry to come and go.

I really can't wait to be sitting in the dining room with the boys this winter with all of us doing out homework. Hopefully Ronnie will be joining us the spring semester. My hope is that he will be retunring to school, too. He really needs to get his master degree...or something else. It would be fun with all of us gathered together doing our school work. Then when I get to my math class it will be fun sitting around watching the boys do my math homework. That is my plan anyway.

That is what I have been That is why I am not on here much That is why i won't be on here much in the I do have to admit. I am loving school this time 1000% more than I did in high school.