Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd Annual Christmas Shopping Open House

Cambodia tugs at Marti's heartstrings for many reasons. It breaks her heart to know the number of girls who spend their days and nights in brothels. Many are there because their parents are so desparate for money, they will sell their daughters to support their family. This past summer Marti was once again in Cambodia, and met some lovely young girls at the English Camp. Most of the girls in her group were working for their family...instead of finishing high school. Since coming home, Marti learned that the girls want to return and finish their high school requirements. Uneducated Cambodian girls often end up in brothels. Marti can't even inagine one of those girls beaten and abused.

Marti wants to raise enough money to send these 8 girls to school. And here is where you come in...

This year Marti has joined with a group of like minded women who share her burden for sex trafficking. They have agreed to have sales profits go toward educating her friends in Cambodia. Every item you purchase will go toward raising the money needed.

Join Marti for the 2nd Annual Christmas Shipping Open House

Marti's home
4051 7th Place NW
Rochester, MN 55901 US
When:Sunday, November 14, 1:00-4:00PM

Please join us for a fun afternoon of buying and selling. Bring your gold and get paid for it. You can shop for lots of Christmas gifts while supporting girls in Cambodia at the same time. The buyers and sellers will be...
* Cindy will be ready to buy your gold. She gives checks on the spot.
*Maureen will be selling a bazillion pieces of hand-crafted jewelry.
*Cortnay will be selling felted-wool fleece-lined mittens.
*Kara will sell tons of Arbonne gifts, plus she will take reorders.
*Gift baskets sure to please lots of folks on your list.
Profits from your buying/selling will go to Cambodia to get those girls back in school!!