Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ronnie, Cambodia, and a Pilot

My husband left for Cambodia on July 13. He and 9 other people traveled to Poipet (upper left hand side of the country) for a mission trip. This is Ronnie's third time to Cambodia. In the past he has spent time in Phnom Penh and down on the coast in the southern part of the country.

If you would like to see some pictures from their trip you can go to: http://www.ccccambodia2010.blogspot.com/
I was parking the car at the airport on the 13th when I saw a gentleman that goes to our church. He is a pilot and does over seas flights. I didn't put two and two together at first. Yes, he was flying our missions team over seas to their first stop in Tokyo. For some reason I was so excited about this news. He is a very neat Christian man and his family is wonderful. This morning I found out that he is also flying them back from Tokyo.
Well, I just got off the phone with Ronnie. He is exhausted, hot, sweaty, and having a hard time eating, BUT he is having a great time. He really loves the worship time when everyone sings at the top of their lungs. He said that sometimes he can't sing during those times because all he wants to do is listen to them worship.
Ronnie will be returning to Minnesota this coming Friday. I can't wait to see him. He has been gone way to long!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dance Lessons

All of my family members are off galavanting...all over actually. Ronnie is in Cambodia. English is back in California after make a week long pit stop in Washington state to visit with Timmy's family. Veronica has moved to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hunter and Cole are also in North Myrtle Beach, SC for a month visiting my mom and step dad.

My mom was so worried that the boys were going to be bored. No way! Hunter has friends from when we lived there two years ago, and Cole pretty much tries to go with the flow.

This past week was Jr. SOS..Jr. Society of Shaggers (at least that is what I think it stands for). This is a east coast dance that was modified from the Lindy Hop back in the 50's (again I am not sure of the exact time frame, but this is close). It is a "smooth" dance. There was a movie that came out back in the 80's called "The Shag" with some of my old class mates in it. This is a dance I never took the time to learn. My parents though are VERY good dancers and are both in the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, back to Jr. SOS. My sep dad, Walt, took all three kids down to Jr. SOS for some dance lessons. They all enjoyed it and went back each day for more lessons. Yesterday was a little end of the week exhibition for all of the jr. dancers. The kids could ask anyone that they wanted to dance. Hunter asked my mom.

Oh how I wish i could have been there to watch the dance. The boys want to go out again next year for Jr. SOS. I am definately going to go with them.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All together!

I finally had all of my children under one roof this weekend. Of course I made them all go and take pictures together. My mom and I wandered around dowtown Rochester, while Ronnie and the kids went and found some spots to take pictures. It took a while to get serious, but they finally got some good ones.

My mom, Beth and I waiting for everyone to get finished.

Seriously? On the goose? Seriously?!?!?!

This wasn't a wade pool. It was one of the fountains dowtown.
Hunter decided to go check out the dolphine in the fountain. Again....seriously?!
I honesly have no idea
Poor Tim (my soon to be son-in-law)
This is Ninja...English had just left and he was looking for her.
English and Tim....and the flying boy.
All my kiddos
English and Tim.
Skipping? Must have been English's idea.
Awwwww......English, Tim and the engagement ring

The dogs were hiding