Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello All!

Hi Folks! Veronica here! Today we had a family day. These usually consist of chillin at home, but today we went on an advernture to the Wonderful World of Savers. A personal favorite of mine. Well, I bought a pair of amazing sunglasses (pictured below). I decided that we'd take a picture with everyone. Woot Woot. So here they are... drum roll please!

I also bought the lovely hat I am wearing.

Hunt lookin like a Balla!

Up close on Coley

Amazing huh? Also today I made a new blog. Haha. I forgot the password to my other one. This one I promise I will update! Check it out at Great name huh?

Friday, January 30, 2009

All About ME!!!

I have been tagged several times on Facebook to list some odd number of things about me. I thought that I would put it here on our blog instead.

1) First name…Elizabeth (did everyone know that?)
2) Middle name…Edwards (bet you didn’t know that one!)
3) Last name is legally Brown-Ray, but I only use the Ray.
4) I have lived in 9 different states
5) I have lived in 20 different zip codes
6) I have been married 17 years
7) I have two daughters
8) I have two sons
9) That makes 4 children total
10) I have one husband
11) I use to play basketball in middle and high school
12) I showed horses until I was 19
13) I was a nationally ranked tennis player
14) I worked at a Thoroughbred Farm in Tennessee
15) One of the horses I worked with ran in the Kentucky Derby
16) It lost :(
17) My favorite color is blue…or red….or browns…I can’t decide
18) I am 41
19) Blue eyes
20) Yes my hair is naturally dark
21) Yes I color it to cover the grey
22) No I don’t mind you knowing my age.
23) My husband is my bestest-best friend
24) When I was little there were 13 Elizabeth’s alive in my family
25) 4 of us were Elizabeth Brown
26) My oldest daughter is Elizabeth Brown…that makes 5
27) Only one of our children goes by their first name…and it isn’t my oldest.
28) I am an only child
29) So is my mom
30) I am 5’8”
31) My weight is…. absolutely non of your business
32) I need to rearrange my living room so that I don’t want to move
33) I hate to cook
34) I can know all about you with in a few minutes of meeting you…yes I know that I am annoying because of that.
35) I am a big dork.
36) Do is my husband
37) So are my children
38) We have a dog
39) His name is smalls
40) I love to read
41) I use to take pictures all the time
42) One of my pictures was in a surfing magazine
43) Another of my pictures the City of Myrtle Beach used for their envelopes and a brochure (is that right mom? Or did they use it for something else, too)
44) I don’t like rollercoaster’s
45) I don’t like taking off in planes
46) I like board games
47) I know a lot of useless facts
48) I don’t know a lot of useful facts
49) I don’t have any living grandparents
50) I am southern, but don’t like southern fried foods

So there you go…some useless and random facts about me. The two that are the craziest are number 4 and 5. Can anyone beat that?

Monday, January 26, 2009


This is Veronica's self potrait. This is what the picture looked like in the camera so I am pretty sure that she didn't do any editing. This was taken right in our kitchen. Beautiful girl and beautiful photography.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Man and Two Dogs

I realized today that I have gone a little over board with the give-aways. I called my mom today after work and she told me the following. Thankfully I was on our street and not trying to drive across town. I think I would have wrecked from laughing so hard.

She said, "I have something to give away on your blog."

At first I thought that she was talking about the jeans from the jean company that they have. As a matter of fact that is what I said to her..."Jeans?"

"No," she said. "I have a man and two dogs. They are house broken and come with their own transportation. I will throw in the truck if someone will take them!"

Oh I had to laugh. I have gone so far with my give-aways that my mom now wants to use my blog to get rid of her husband and two dogs...and the truck. I was crying from laughing so hard.

Thanks mom for a good laugh. I miss you guys so much. Even though you would like to have gotten rid of him today, please pass a hug on to Waltwee. Cissy and Trouble, too.

New Years Eve Sweater and Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is another giveaway!!

This is such a beautiful sweater and skirt for a little girl. Came very close to making me want another one, but then I regained my sanity. BUT if I do win this one I know exactly who I will give it to. :)

Go to the link and sign up to win.

New Years Eve Sweater and Skirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

The Lunch Date Blouse GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have found another giveaway. Go to the link below and sign up to win this georgeous blouse. I can picture this with a pair of my dad's jeans and walk through down town Rochester for lunch or dinner.

Check it out here:

The Lunch Date Blouse GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you ever blog hop? I do. I go from blog to blog to blog. I don’t generally look at the blogs that are about people other than the ones that are on our side bar. I hop from crafty blog to crafty blog.

I am a “wanna-be” crafter. I could spend all day long in craft, fabric or yarn stores. Since I can’t afford to buy anything I just drool over all the things other people make or have. I ran across a blog today that had these pictures on it. I didn’t ask the blog owner if I could use her pictures (which is a blog no-no), but since there aren’t any projects or people in the photos I decided to use them anyway (bad Ebby!).

Aren’t these fabrics beautiful?!?! I would love to have these all stacked up in my house. I can picture a big book case in my sewing room, which I don’t have either, holding all these fabrics.*sigh*

During all of my blog hoping I came across this really neat site and she is having a GIVE AWAY! If you have small children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or just know of a child that might likes these you should sign up for the GIVE AWAY!Go to this site and follow the link to the GIVE AWAY. It is that simple. Be sure to write down the date that they will announce the winner as well as the site address. That way you will know when to go back and see if you won, as well as know the place you signed up for the GIVE AWAY.

Also, let me know if you have come across any good crafting, knitting, or sewing blogs out there. I would love to find some new sites.

If you would like to have a GIVE AWAY here on my blog, just let me know. I would love to host one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I refuse to talk about the weather today. Therefore, I am going to talk about a group that I am a part of. No not the GNO. It is Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I have 4 regular girls in my group. They either already have a child or are expecting a child. There are many more girls that come to the meetings, but since this is my first year with the group I am really glad that I only have 4 regulars.

I am not sure if many people know that I was a single mom at 20. I turned 21 about a month after my daughter, English, was born. I am so thankful that my mom and Walt were around to help me. They were the ones that went to the hospital with me when I went into labor. They were the ones that went to the hospital with me when English would have asthma attacks. They were the ones that let us live with them for a while. They were also the ones that would tell me that I could do it. I truly have no idea what would have become of us if mom and Walt hadn’t been in the picture.

I didn’t get married…English doesn’t have a father on her birth certificate…it was just English, Bethmom, Waltwee, and I. Thankfully, I met and married Ronnie in 1991 and we have added 3 additional members to our family (Veronica, Hunter, and Cole).

Now that you know my background you may understand a little more why I became part of Teen MOPS. Even though I was 20 when I became a single mom I was still a single mom. I lived the life that these girls are living. Some of them are younger than I was when I became a mom, but I can still relate to what they are going through as a parent. Especially when there isn’t a father in the picture.

This group at CCC (Christ Community Church) really lends support to these girls. They have guest speakers that come in each meeting. One was Child Care Resource Referral (I think I got that right), one was a lady from Mayo that came in and talked about diet and exercise. A Dentist is coming in later in the year to talk about caring for their teeth as well as the teeth of their children. It really is an informative group as well as lending support to the girls.

One thing I really like about this group is that there is no judgment passed onto the girls. Each meeting consists of dinner for the moms and their children, a craft, speaker, and group time. We don’t push religion, but we do emphasize support for them.

At some of the meeting there is a MOP Shop. The girls accumulate points by coming, bringing a friend, and other exercises. Then they get to shop with their points. The shop has diapers, clothes for the moms and the children, personal hygiene products, household items, books, toys, gift certificates to gas, dinner, movies, etc. MOP Shop nights are fun.

Teen MOPS is totally funded by donations and fundraisers. The next fundraiser is a dinner and silent auction. I would like for you to think and pray about supporting Teen MOPS. Here are some ideas on ways to donate to the silent auction:

Sewers basket
Take photographs
Scrap booking items
Want to put a basket of goodies together
A bundle of note cards
Babysitting coupons
Baking items
Movie basket
Knitted items (remember it is –40 today)
A basket with mugs, cocoa, and marshmallows
Baby themed basket
Tickets to a sporting event
Dinner gift certificates
Tickets to a play
Coffee lovers basket
A basket of new toys
Basket for a gardener
Chocolate lovers basket
Christmas basket
Car care kit
Winter survival kit
Tool kit

Would you please think and pray about putting together something that could be used in the silent auction. A framed photograph or a certificate for a photography session, a basket of lotions from the local store or your home business, a panting, scrapbook supplies, gift certificates for oil changes, car washes, a basket with certificates for a night on the town, a certificate for a night stay at a local hotel...anything that you think someone would bid on….the list could go on and on.

There is another way to help out Teen MOPS. Just donate directly to the group.

If you would like to help support Teen MOPS, please leave me a comment.

Thank you in advance!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet My People

I readily share with Ronnie that I don’t want to work. I want to be a stay at home mom caring for my family and house. That just isn’t a possibility at this time in our lives. I must work to help Ronnie support our family. Right now I have two jobs. I work at Olmsted Medical Center as well as Target.

Since I do have to have two jobs I am so glad that I have two jobs that I like. I get to meet all kinds of people at both jobs. Below I would like to introduce you to someo f my peeps.

At OMC I have had the pleasure of meeting a young couple that is expecting their first child. The husband really takes care of the wife and from what I understand she is really trying hard to be a good housewife and finish school all at the same time. I have come to really like this couple and have even tried to figure out what I can get them as a baby gift. (Ronnie and I figured this out the other day) Now hold on to your hats. This couple is 16 and 19 year olds. The mom to be is still in high school and working so hard to finish. The husband is really trying to be a good provider for his little family. I have come to look forward to their visits to our office at OMC.

How about the guy at Target yesterday with his son? After I said hello to his son the man went on to tell me that his son was mute. I kept talking to them BOTH anyway. After I was finished ringing up their purchases I told the man that he was doing a good job with his son. His response was, “well I have to.” I looked at him for a moment and said, “No you don’t.” I think that this was the first time someone had ever said anything like this to him. He quietly mumbled "well thank you," and off he and his son went. A few minutes later they came back through my lane (even though the other express lane was empty) to purchase an item they had forgotten, which let me know that I hadn’t offended him like I had feared.

Then there is the guy who came through my Target lane wearing a new military jacket. I asked him if he was in the military. He told me no, and then went on to tell me the story of his jacket. He goes to the Salvation Army once a week to see what they have. Every week there are these military jackets, but none in his size. This past week he went in and almost didn’t go over to look at the jackets. Just before he was leaving he went over and what do you know…they had his size. He was so excited!

A few weeks ago a lady was sitting in the waiting room of our dept. at OMC crying. I went around the counter and handed her a tissue so that she wouldn’t have to get up. During her next visit she thanked me. I didn’t know until after she left that first time she had just found out that she had a non-viable pregnancy. Her baby had died. (This happens way more than I thought it did)

One day I was working at Target and a lady asked me if I was Ron’s wife. Uh-oh…what had he done now? I answered yes, and she went on to tell me she was an old customer of his at Caribou’s and that she remembered my name.

Another lady came through and told me she had been part of a group of people Ronnie and I had spoken to about our marriage. That’s a little scary.

One day there was a little boy and his mom that came through my lane at Target. He put his little toy up on the belt and I rang it up. I can’t remember what the total was but I told him something like one ca-trillion-billion-zillion dollars. He turned to his mom and said, “You pay it.”

There is also my co-worker at OMC that decided to help out in the CCC Café on New Years Eve for Rock the Clock instead of going out on the town.

I also run into half of our church while I am working at Target. It is always fun to catch up with everyone while checking him or her out.

I really like both of my jobs. I don’t like having two jobs, but again I am thankful that I like both of them. As a matter of fact Target just offered me to stay on permanently instead of laying me off after the Christmas season. I am thankful for that, too. I am also thankful that I have a job at all much less two.

What I really wish I could do is be a professional greeter…hostess…welcomer…conversationalist (yes, I will talk to just about anyone…right Wendi!) Anyone want to pay me at least $30,000 per year to welcome people? Events, parties, any other type of gatherings…leave me a comment and let me know. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The "B" Word

The “B” word isn’t used around our house very often. As a matter of fact I think it has only been used 3 times since English started middle school.

Now stop thinking the worst of our family. I don’t mean a cuss word. I mean the “boyfriend” word. Between our two girls there have only been three boyfriends in our house. Two for Veronica and one for English back in middle school. There have been crushes and likes, but neither one have thrown around the boyfriend word. Even since English has gone into the Air Force she hasn’t used that word.

The other day I was talking to English as she was driving from Northern California to Southern California. She was on her way to visit Ronnie’s family for New Years. I knew that she was taking Tim along with her since his family also lives in So. Cal.

As we were talking she was telling me about a conversation she had with her Grandma Jan. She said that she told Grandma that her boyfriend, Tim, was with her. I didn’t know what to say so I just kept listening to what she had to say. In the background I could hear Tim talking on his phone to his family. During his conversation I hear him say, “My girlfriend and I…..”

What? WHAT? What did I just hear both of them say? Did I just hear her use the “B” word? Did I just hear him follow that up with the “G” word? WHAT?

After their visit with family I was assured that Tim was a great young man and that everyone liked him. English also reported that she really liked Tim’s family. We haven’t been able to meet Tim yet. Ronnie and Veronica are going out in April to see English, but unfortunately Tim is getting sent to Afghanistan in about two weeks (yes he is in the Air Force, too) so Ronnie won't get to meet him then either.

Speaking of deployment…English will be leaving at the beginning of June for Afghanistan (unless that date gets moved up). I am ok with her going. This is what the military is all about. What I am not ok with is that I may not be able to see her before she leaves. Ronnie and Veronica are using a buy one get one free coupon we have for airfare, and they will be going over spring break. I unfortunately won’t have any time to be able to go out there, and she isn’t sure if she will get to come here. I haven’t seen her since August. That would be over a year that I would not have seen my daughter if I don't see her before she leaves. That makes me sad, but I am so proud of her. Thankfully Ronnie will get to see her.

Anyway….I got a little off track. Below is a picture of English and the “B” word, Tim, over the holidays.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The other night I came home from work and Ronnie and Josh H. were watching TV. After a few minutes Ronnie informed me that he had a new motto.

“I live my life by the ish.”

10 o’clock –ish
Later today –ish
Next week –ish
Next month –ish

Will that keep him from being late-ish?

Friday, January 2, 2009


GNO=Girls Night Out

Jennifer, Heidi and I had a GNO tonight. What happens during GNO stays within GNO.

That is all I can tell you.

Ebby Ray