Saturday, May 31, 2008

School stuff

I have skipped some events over the past couple of weeks.

  1. Veronica had her sports banquet. She was going to receive the most improved player award, but the Athletic Director told the coaches that they had to change their award. Politics! Anyway, they let her read the speech they had written and it was very nice. Made her cry. Veronica hadn't ever played before and worked hard before the season started and was starting at second base. Go V-Ray!
  2. Hunter is off this weekend at a band competition. He was very excited and nervous about playing in front of judges. It is the whole band so it wasn't like it was just him, but he was still nervous. He had two little girls arguing over who was going to sit by him on the charter bus. Now they both knew that they wouldn't be able to sit by him, but they were arguing over what if they could sit by him and who would get to. Just like his father when he was in school.
  3. Cole has his awards day this coming Wednesday. He told me to bring the camera, which tells me that he might be getting an award. That or he wants me to take a picture of him and his teacher, who he has a BIG crush on. All I have heard this year is what he has done for Mrs. Ussery and Mrs. Ussery this and that. It has been really cute.
  4. Veronica has started practicing volleyball with the team here. They are letting her work out with them even though we will be moving. Once again she hasn't played before, but is doing really well. They have the girls split into two groups. JV (or this is their first year playing) and Varsity. Veronica has started practicing with the varsity already even though this is her first year. She has been practicing the front row middle position. She isn't the tallest girls on the team. More like the 3rd tallest. SHe is really enjoying it and hopes she can make the team up in Rochester.
  5. Veornica made the National Honor Society. Ronnie was in town for this and was able to go with her (he also was here for the sports banquet). She will be able to transfer her information up to Rochester when we move and still be a member up there.
  6. English is in Texas still. She isn't sure what is going to happen next in her Air Force career. She is enjoying some of her time down there. Some of her friends are over at San Angelo and were able to drive over last weekend and visit her. One good thing coming out of the Air Force is that she has amde some good friends. I couldn't imagine going through all of that without the support of friends. They know what you are going through because they themselves are living it.
  7. I don't think that I have taken the time to complain about packing. Be proud of me proud that I haven't taken a whole blog to complain. :)
Well that it is. Here are a couple of pictures...some are just plain random.
Veronica and Steven. Not only is he a Christian and handsome, but he is smart. This was at the National Honor Society awards night. And no they didn't plan their outfits.

Veronica and her friends at the NHS awards night

Hunter and Bethmom (Ebby's mom)Hunter on the way home from Kentucky
Cole and cousin Jessie. Cole fell asleep while they were watching a movie.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Converstation of the day....

Yes, this is the second post of the day, but I couldn't resist.

We were having a conversation on the way to school this morning and the ending went like this....

Ebby: Are you tired of the middle school girl drama yet?
Hunter: Just about.
Ebby: (laughs)
Hunter: Why can't it go back to the way things use to be when I thought girls were icky?

Memorial Day

Yes, I am a little bit behind, but better late than never....right!?

On Memorial Day the kids and I went to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. We went up there to get away from the crowds in North Myrtle Beach. Ocean Isle is a nice quiet beach community. You have to take a bridge over to get to it and there aren't any touristy things over on the island. We went all the way up to the north end.

It was a beautiful day. The kids went swimming and Cole and I went looking for shells. The best shell was found by Hunter out in the ocean. He found a large conch shell. He stepped on in while out swimming and brought it in to me. It is bigger than my hand. What a find.

Veronica's friends, Steven, joined us. He is such a great kid. Christian and handsome on top of that. We had a good time and are trying to find another day that we can go to the beach and have Steven join us again.

What is it with boys and sand. Why do they have this urge to dig in it?
The whole gang.
See the orange things in the background? Those are sand bags. Ocean Isle has had to dredge off the coast to try and save the front row houses on the beach. Some have already been torn down due to the fact that high tide was now coming in under their houses. This isn't where we were hanging out. We just happened to walk this way on our way back to the car. The area we were in was a large beach area and very pretty.

Well happy late Memorial Day. If you are or have been in the military THANK YOU very much for all you do or have done for our country. We have a veteran and one currently in service at our house. I know what sacrifices you have made for our country.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hunters trip (by hunter)

This thursday i get to go to Williamsburg, VA with my school band. We are going to a competition full of performing choirs and other bands. On thursday morning we leave and will get there around four oclock and we get back sunday afternoon. We get to go to busch gardens ( a huge theme park) and run around there for a day. My band teacher is scared because the bands in VA mean business. They treat their conductors like football coaches, if they dont do well than they fire them. Also, you typically want to be one of the first bands that the judges see to set the standards but all of our competition is local so they have to go first. So that is my trip and i am gonna have fun.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ebby's vacation part 2

My last post was all about Kentucky. After we left Kentucky on Sunday my family drove me to a hotel in Atlanta and dropped me off. I then left Atlanta on Monday afternoon and headed to Eglin Air Force Base in the panhandle of Florida. I was off to see little baby Isaac.

My friends John and Wendi have a new little baby boy, Isaac John. What a little doll he is. When I left he was 16 days old. Not only is he adorable, but he is also calm and cries very little. The only time I heard him cry was when he was getting his diaper changed.

There is nothing like a new little baby. They smell so good. John and Wendi are doing good by laying down some little rules for each other. Better to decide now what to do rather than try and break bad habits in the future. On my last day there I went out on a limb...I broke a little rule. Well I won't call it a rule. It is more of a plan that they have so that they don't get into bad habits. I wish that I had done that with my children.

Anyway, I went against the plan and put little Isaac to sleep while he was laying on me. I totally see the reasoning behind their not wanting to do this. It puts him into the habit of "needing" someone to hold him until he goes to sleep. I just couldn't resist. It is so comforting to have a baby laying on you. I tried to hide the fact that I was doing this when John came home from work. He assured me that it was fine and that they just didn't want to get into the habit of doing it all the time. With that being said I did it again on Saturday before I left. He said it was ok after all.

Needless to say I had a great time in Florida. I think that it was more of a vacation for me than anything. I got to take the dog, Scrubs, to the bay for a couple of walks. I fed Isaac and changed his diapers. I was there when Wendi need to take a nap. It was great!! I miss little Isaac already (John and Wendi, too) and can't wait to see him again. Next time I get to see him he won't be a little baby anymore. That makes me sad.

Here are a couple of pictures from my week.
This is Wendi and Baby Isaac.

Scrubs...awsome dog!

Wendi, Isaac, and Scrubs. Scrubs was so interested in the baby. It was cute.

The happy family...Wendi, Isaac and John.

My last morning at their house.

Thank you John and Wendi for letting me come. I had a great time! You have a wonderful family and I can't wait to come and visit you again. Give Isaac a hug for me and Scrubs some p-l-a-y time from me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My trip to Kentucky

As Ronnie said in the previous post our family went to Kentucky last weekend for a wedding. Our little...well not so little anymore...cousin got married. Can you believe I left my camera at the house? Well I am sure that some of you can believe that, but I was sad that I didn't get any pictures of the bride or any of the families that we hadn't seen in a long time. It really was like a reunion of sorts.

We had a great time at the wedding as well as at Ronnie's sisters house. The Wilson's opened their house up to us for the weekend. We had a great time playing the Wii and just hanging out. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
The Wilson Family: Sam, Mike, Jessie, Deanna and Grace

Ronnie and his sister, Deanna

Cole and his cousin, Jessie, who he loves very much!

Mike Wilson relaxing while watching Wii games.

Cousin Grace and Veroinca...being weird as usual.

All the kids laughing at who knows what.

The kids again. Front: Sam, Veronica and Jessie. Back: Hunter, Grace and Cole.

All the kids being goofy.

Sam in Wii action.

Ronnie in Wii action.

Some how Grace makes it look cool.

Mike Wilson in Wii action.

Veronica and Hunter

Hunter, Veronica and Ronnie

Hunter and Cole

I thought that I would save one of the best pictures for last. This is Percy...the Wilson's cat. The shoe beside him is a size 9 men's shoe. Look how big that cat is. This is one of the biggest cats I have ever seen. He is also one of the coolest cats.

We had such a good time in Kentucky. I wish it had lasted a little longer. Thank you Wilson's for letting us hang out. Congratulations to Bethany and Jeremy on their wedding. If anyone has pictures from the wedding could you please send me some. I know...I'm a looser.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vacation Fun!!

So I have been "home" since last Thursday, the 15th. I am so glad to have come for a full week this time. The time here has been meaningful and amazing. After catching up with the family Thursday evening, we loaded up in the car on Friday morning and went to Kentucky for my cousin's wedding. (Pictures are on the way.)The drive was fun, but there was some "adjustment time" that needed to happen since we have not been together for 12 weeks. The Car is a good place to handle it all since no one can go anywhere. By the time we got to half way to KY all was back to normal and fun as usual. We had a great time.

When we got to KY it was so great to see all of the family and friends we have not seen in years. The wedding was a wonderful occasion. The bride, Bethany, looked wonderful and the families were all excited to root for their "team." We saw so many people that were meaningful to us in some way throughout our recent past. It was a real uplifting joyous time. I will let Ebby fill in some more of the blanks and post the pictures when she gets home.

We got back late Sunday night. Monday I just napped, recovered, etc. The poor kids had to go to school monday but when they got home we all just relaxed. The past two days I have gone to the beach while the kids were in school. Talk about therapy. I just love the beach. Last night we went to a MB Pelicans baseball game. We had a blast. They are a farm team for the Braves. So the park was really nice and the baseball was high quality. The kids and I were just being silly and laughed most of the night.

One more thing. While on vacation, most guys grow some kind of facial hair. I am no different. I grew something that I have always wanted to. I realize that it will probably not last too long, but it is fun to mess around while on Vaction. By the way the kids HATE it. It makes me laugh.

The Fu Man Chu

Have a good day! RR

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming to an end

Today is my next to last day of work. Four members of the church I work for came into my office a sang the following song to me. Made me laugh and wish I had my camera so I could tape them. Remember my given name is Elizabeth. The only people in my life that call me that are within this church. Took me a while to answer to it. When you try to sing this song, which you know you will, say Elizabeth very fast.

(Sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me)

Jesus loves Elizabeth, this we know.
In her heart God's love she shows.
He is with her every day
Here and there and in all ways.
Yes, Jesus loves you.
Yes, Jesus loves you.
Yes, Jesus loves you.
In God's grace and love you go.
We love Elizabeth, this we know.
Now north with family she must go.
We will miss the love she shares,
and we'll keep her in our prayers.
Yes, we love Elizabeth.
Yes, we love Elizabeth.
Yes, we love Elizabeth.
And we want to tell you so.
Elizabeth loves us, this we know,
For her smile tells us so.
Moving to a place far north,
filled with Jesus to go forth.
Yes, Elizabeth loves us.
Yes, Elizabeth loves us.
Yes, Elizabeth loves us.
Her smile tells us so.
Jesus loves us all we know,
for the bible tells us so.
Go out now...tell everyone,
How God loves; he gave his son!
Yes, Jesus loves us.
Yes, Jesus loves us.
Yes, Jesus loves us.
The bible tells us so.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hunter and the Beach Boys

Today was May Fest in North Mrytle Beach. I was working the Beach Boys product table with my mom. Hunter went with some friends and then hung out with my mom and I until the end of the show.

In the middle of the show they have a little contest on a snare drum. They call up audience members to come play "Wipe Out" with them. The best player wins a prize. My mom worked it out earlier in the day for them to choose Hunter to come up and play. Well Hunter went last and everyone was yelling for him. It was awsome. He won and the prize was a book that hasn't been released yet. After the show he got all the band members to sign it. So many people came up to him and told him what a great job he did. I wish Ronnie had been here. He would have loved it.

Below is the video I took of Hunter playing. The guy with him is the drummer for the Surf City All Stars, which is made up of two original Beach Boys and Dean of Jan and Dean. One of the band members was the son of one of the beach boys. Nice to see the talent passed down. He did all of the high harmonys and sounded just like his father.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here are just a few random things going on at our house:

  • Hunter and the school jazz band are playing at the North Myrtle Beach government building today. NMB is celebrating it's 40th year.
  • Ronnie gets here in 1 week.
  • John and Wendi's baby was due yesterday.
  • My last day at work is a week from tomorrow.
  • I will be working with my mom at the Beach Boys concert this coming Saturday.
  • One week from Friday we get to go to Kentucky for a wedding. Bethany, our cousin, is getting married on May 17th.
  • I leave on May 19th to go to John and Wendi's to see their new baby. He better hurry up and get here.
  • I am the only one going to Florida. Ronnie will be staying here with the kids.
  • This past Monday I scheduled our moving truck. Now I have to pack everything. Ugh.
  • Did I mention that Ronnie will be here in 1 week?
  • I have to get a job in Minnesota. Ugh.
  • We are trying to buy a house. Yea!
  • Does anyone recognize the house we are buying in the pictures below?

This will be our first time buying a house. We have been perpetual renters over the last 16 years. It is about time we put down some roots. It is almost in the same neighborhood that we lived in before. For those of you who had been to our old house on 4th Ave. NW...this house is across Elton Hills from where we use to live. I am sure some of you have actually been to this house. There had to be a cookout or two there at some point over the 4 years of medical school.

Any guesses?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hard Rock and the beach

Today Veronica was invited by her friend, Steven, to go to the Hard Rock theme park. They got there at 10:00 a.m. (his parents took) and were calling me at 12:30 to come and get them. There wasn't much for them to do there. Thankfully Steven had free tickets or it would have been $50.00 each down the drain. They rode all the roller coaster multiple times and that was all there was to do.

After I picked them up we decided to head to the beach for a while and not let the day end so early. We went up to the point, which is our family's favorite spot. It is actually an inlet can see in the picture an island behind Veronica. When low tide is in you can swim across to the island. When it is high tide the current from the coean is way too strong and too far to swim across. We walked around for a while and check out the beached jelly fish and hermit crabs. I then told Steven to give me his cell phone. He looked at me and smiled. The picture below is the result of our scheming. He promptly threw Veronica into the ocean. It was great.

After hanging at the point we then went to a locals spot for surfing and hanging out (8th Ave. North). Not many people were there, but the dunking and swimming continued for Veronica and Steven. Cole and I stayed dry on the beach. After about 30 minutes we all got in the car to take Steven home. We all agreed that we had a good afternoon. Steven even said that it was more fun at the beach than it was at Hard Rock.