Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am a student again. 24 years after graduating high school I thought that I should go to college. What in the world was I thinking? Actually, everything is going pretty smoothly. So I didn't pass a test...so what?! I have gotten 100% on everything else. Actually I have gotten 100% on all my class work in both of my classes so that should help out that first test. Ronnie loves the fact that I am a Student of Health Information Technology. Get it? Well he thinks it is funny.

Not only am I in school, but the boys will be going back next Tuesday. I can't beleive how fast this summer has gone by. It seemed like summer was in a big hurry to come and go.

I really can't wait to be sitting in the dining room with the boys this winter with all of us doing out homework. Hopefully Ronnie will be joining us the spring semester. My hope is that he will be retunring to school, too. He really needs to get his master degree...or something else. It would be fun with all of us gathered together doing our school work. Then when I get to my math class it will be fun sitting around watching the boys do my math homework. That is my plan anyway.

That is what I have been doing...school. That is why I am not on here much anymore...school. That is why i won't be on here much in the future...school. I do have to admit. I am loving school this time 1000% more than I did in high school.


the j-crew said...

I did homework with my kids and loved it! So did they actually. Thank goodness they were the only one doing math though...and thank goodness Wayne is their dad and can help them!

Hanne said...

I so agree with making the kids do the math homework! IF only my kids had been old enough to do that when I went through my math classes!
I am so excited you are back in school! Good for you!

The McCutcheons said...

That's great, Ebby!

Math isn't too hard in our home...yet. We still get the answer sheet to use. It's pretty sad that they need to send home a "cheat sheet" for parents of 2nd and 3rd graders. :)

Make sure you get plenty of rest...no friends over during the week...and turn off the TV while doing homework. :)

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