Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Baby Stroller

I took the boys to the library today. I have promised Ronnie that I wouldn't buy any more books. I will use the FREE library. The boys love it. This morning I just dropped them off for a few minutes and ran an errand down the street. Since we went last weekend I didn't need any new books (I borrowed 4 last Saturday and haven't finished them all yet).

As I was on my way back to pick up the boys I had to stop at a stop sign. I had to wait a minute for a lady pushing a stroller to cross the street. I wasn't paying attention until she was right in front of me. I looked down at the stroller and sitting in the seat was not a cute little baby. It was a 24 pack of Bud Light.

The south does not have ownership on rednecks. Minnesota has them, too.


TLA said...

I am cracking up reading this on call. This made my night! :)

ladydiole said...

Have Ron and Jon been talking...what's with these books bans??? There's much worse vices that books!!! LOL