Friday, October 15, 2010

Conversations with my daughter

My daughter, English, called me tonight to see how my doctor appointment went today. We chatted a little bit and then her husband, Timmy, pipped up in the background asking if she had told me a story. I thought I would share the really made me laugh.

English and Tim were hanging out talking one night

English: Tim, quit farting!
Tim: No.
English: Quit's gross.
Tim: No. I can't. If I quit farting then all the gas will rise up to my head, and that's where all the crappy ideas come from.

English has found the most perfect husband for her. Here is a conversation I had with English yesterday (just to prove my point of them being perfect for one another)

Me: I have a neurology appointment tomorrw.
English: Awwww, Mom. Is your neurology not working?

I love these two. Thank you both for making me laugh until my sides hurt.


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